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Cutting edge solution
like none other
Merely converting physical print to appear on a digital screen isn’t the goal. A complete end to end digital transformation and a completely enhanced experience and ecosystem is what Andre offers by improved processes for each of the aspects of the conversion pipeline.

Lean and efficient
Inefficiency is the most common epidemic that plagues organizations, especially publishing. With the complete digitization of the whole process and improved automation, Andre eliminates unnecessary manual interventions and human errors thereby making the process lean and efficient and providing users with a very healthy ROI.

AI that supports
you all the way
Apart from just digitizing the print content, the Andre AI automatically groups content based on their relevance, media attachments, location, author and other variables and takes care of zoning as well. This leads to perfectly laid out content exactly as seen in the print edition as well as equipping the digital version to be easily searchable and for the reader to track the most relevant content as per his/her search requirements.

The SEO Expert you can rely on
For any publisher traversing the digital landscape, SEO is the light that guides readers to your content. SEO methods are continuously evolving and hence requires an expert who is continuously updated on these changes. With Andre on your side, look no further. Andre is continuously updated with SEO best practices and has it executed across all content, thereby yielding best results in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Have content
read to you
Andre digital content can not only be read by readers, but they can have it read to them. Yes, all the content digitized can also be read out loud to the readers with Andre’s in-built text to speech converter that automates the entire process.

More Than Just
Digitized Archives
Andre digitizes all the archive data so as to allow for reusability of this content. the Andre AI processes all of this historic data and creates links among them as well as between the historic, current and future content on the basis of relevance as well as multiple criteria as and when they are uploaded. This is a leap-forward in searchability as well as content interconnectivity. Andre achieves all this without the need for manual intervention.